Equipment Servicing



Here at Reefers and Wreckers we have a full workshop and fully trained staff who are able to provide full repair services  and servicing on most types of dive kit


Wrist seal – semi dry £25
Ankle seal – semi-dry £25
Wrist zip £25
Ankle zip £25
Long john zip £35
Jacket zip £30
High jacket zip £45
Steamer back zip £40
Pair of neoprene knee patches £36


Prices are only apoproximate and can vary on the suit. If the price is more than 50% over standard then the customer will be contacted. Repairs will be carried out as requested by the customer. If any extra work is needed, customers will be contacted by telephone. If we are unable to contact the customer after 24 hours an e-mail will be sent. The inability to provide an e-mail address may slow this process down. We cannot be held responsible for any delays due to being unable to contact our customers

For more information please do not hesitate to contact us and we will see what we can do to help