IDEST Approved Test Facility

Approved Cylinder Testing To: BS 5430 part 6, EN 1802, EN1968.

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Our in-house technician Michael Turner has attended the A.S.S.E.T cylinder testing technicians course. Changes in UK and European legislation together with the requirement for ‘competent and approved’ persons to carry out cylinder testing has created the need for a higher standard of training and certification of those who carry out this work.

The A.S.S.E.T. approved 4 day cylinder testing technicians course is a comprehensive training course covering the theory and practice of cylinder testing which guarantees that your cylinders are only given the best treatment.

When is your cylinder due for test?

Diving cylinders require testing every 2.5 years (visual every 2.5 years and a hydrostatic every 5 years)

A cylinder not used for diving only requires a hydrostatic test every 5 years

Cylinders that require O2 cleaning have to be re-cleaned every 15 months.

Cylinder Testing Price List

Visual Inspection (includes Valve Service) & refill £30
Hydrostatic Inspection (includes Valve Service) & refill £35
Strip & Rebuild twin sets whilst testing / cleaning £15
Manifold Service £10
Internal Shot Blast £15
External Shot Blast / Repaint £50
Steam Clean (following contaminated fill) £18
Cylinder Valve Service Only £10
Failed Cylinder £15
Failed Valve £15
Air fill following all types of test above (where fill not shown as included) £3 extra
02 Clean (cylinder & valve) £20
02 Clean (cylinder & valve) Twinset £40
02 Clean (cylinder & valve) during Visual / Hydrostatic test £5


We reserve the right to render unusable, by any means necessary, any cylinder that fails these tests.