MV Emsstron at The Scuba News

The MV Emsstrom sank whilst under tow in January 2013 off Teignmouth in Lyme Bay. Teign Diving Centre is pleased to announce that the temporary restriction that prevented this new wreck from being dived has now been lifted!

The 67m long 2310 Tonne MV Emsstrom was under tow by the tug Christos XXII in Lyme Bay / Torbay en-route from Germany to Turkey to be scrapped. The Emsstrom was an ex German Naval training ship, launched in 1968 as a Fishery Protection Vessel. Whilst under tow there was a collision between the towing tug and the MV Emsstrom on the 13/1/2013 which caused damage to both vessels. As the MV Emsstrom was already stripped and signed off as clean suitable to scrap the salvage priority was to safeguard the tug. Whilst repairing the tug the Mv Emsstrom sank approximately 2.5 nautical miles North East of Hopes Nose. She is now lying in 27m of water on her port side a 40 minute steam from Teignmouth.

As of this weekend Teign Diving Centre is running regular trips to dive the Emsstrom as she is the newest diveable wreck of any size in the UK, and she sank naturally!

Checkout Teign Diving centre for more information: or call the centre 01626 773965 to book spaces on boats visiting this new wreck!

Teign Diving Centre has worked hard, along with other local diving businesses and organisations and also our local MP Anne-Marie Morris, to encourage the wreck of the Emsstrom to be opened and made available as a diving wreck for the local diving industry.


Article courtesy of Teign Diving Centre
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia