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Mark Sharman, wildlife and underwater broadcast cameraman, recently having worked on the BBC’s highly popular Springwatch programme, has shot a fabulous library of videos for Emperor Divers in the Red Sea.

Mark’s 14 videos, which cover Emperor dive centres, liveaboard diving and day diving, are all now available to watch on Vimeo at

Mark’s credits include BBC programmes, Springwatch, The One Show, Natural World as well as CBBC’s Deadly 60, Wild and ‘Wild Britain with Ray Mears’ for ITV1.

Mark reported, “It was a great privilege to be invited to film a number of promotional films spanning Emperor Divers’ dive resorts and liveaboards across the Red Sea; the perfect opportunity to get some decent diving in.

The process of filming coincided with learning my new Poseidon Se7en rebreather, a step I’ve wanted to take for several years. Each location I was greeted with friendly and happy staff, there’s a reassuring mix of European, British and Egyptian staff at each site, so it was a great cultural experience too.

I was blown away by the efficiency and well-oiled infrastructure Emperor Divers are well known for delivering. I had previously never dived with ED, so it was really impressive to witness all the behind the scenes logistics that goes into making sure visitors have a relaxing diving holiday, and don’t have to think about much as everything is taken care of. From airport pick-ups, hotel transfers and getting kit and tanks on and off the boats, these guys really know what they’re doing and the 20+ years of experience really shows.

I enjoyed most my time down south in Hamata and on the Elite liveaboard. Hamata was so peaceful, it was real escapism. This was also the spot for the most beautiful unspoiled reefs I’ve seen as well as moving dolphin encounters. I had previously never had a dolphin diving experience but by the end, I’d had a handful – they are as magical as you’d imagine. Luckily my camera was on hand to capture them!

I’d also never previously been on a liveaboard and think this is now my favourite form of diving. Getting in three or four dives a day, on a luxury liveaboard like Elite, is a great way to explore and spend time on the best of the wrecks and reefs. I’ll definitely be returning for more.

Tekstreme provided an essential service to my stay, arranging my Oxygen tank to be refilled along the way, essential when diving in the more remote parts. My first dabble with Tech diving was not the intimidating experience I thought it might have been. Cat and her team have struck a great balance of making tech approachable for beginners as well as appealing for the seasoned depth junkie.”

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