Juergensen Marine, Inc. a leading supplier of advanced expedition-grade rebreathers is proud to announce an exclusive distribution deal with SubGravity, based in Draper, Utah for the sale and distribution of the “Hammerhead” line of Closed Circuit Mixed Gas Rebreathers.

Juergensen and SubGravity owners; Randy, Josh and Michael Thornton have long cooperated in sales as well as training, and see many benefits to this business model. “It’s really great to extend our relationship with the Thorntons” said Juergensen Marine President, Kevin Juergensen. “They have become our go-to guys for the majority of our training, for many divers and instructors from all over the globe. Having them handle our worldwide distribution makes perfect sense when you consider how extensive their experience is, both in diving as well as business.”

“We’ve been diving Hammerhead rebreathers since they were first introduced, and we feel that they are just a phenomenal product.” said Randy Thornton, CEO of SubGravity. “We intend to extend the formal distribution to Europe as well as Asia, where we see significant growth opportunities.”

While SubGravity will be handling Hammerhead CCR sales and service, Juergensen will continue to offer their replacement products through their Addison office, as well as upgrades for the Hammerhead line of products and the Optima Rebreather for DiveRite.

For further information, contact Juergensen Marine, Inc.