The Role of Human Factors in SCUBA Diving Incidents and Accidents

Scuba diving is a recreational activity with an inherent risk; the underwater world is a hostile environment. Most incident research has focussed on what happened, not why. This research aims to develop a causality model & taxonomy to look at the role of human factors in diving incidents, from the divers and the mistakes they make, to the role of supervisors and organisations. Whilst the results are unlikely to be a surprise, they will be unique.

The Role of Human Factors in SCUBA Diving Incidents and Accidents from Experiment on Vimeo.


EVERYONE MAKES MISTAKES! Sounds obvious but to solve a problem we first need to identify what that problem is. The aim of this research is to use existing methods which have developed in environments such as aviation, medicine and petro-chemical plants, but modified for the recreational nature of SCUBA diving, to identify the main causality factors in recreational and technical SCUBA diving so that individuals can change their behaviours, and training agencies can modify their training programmes if required.

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