PADI Tec 45 & Tec 50, Gozo


Congratulations to the new PADI/DSAT Tec 45 and 50 Divers.

Ralph Bacon, Joanne Bacon, Ian Tillotson and Neil Conlon ventured over to Gozo to complete both the Tec 45 and 50 while enjoying some amazing diving.

Over the course of the week we worked on fine tuning buoyancy along with developing the mental attitude that is required to be a technical diver.

On the first day started with dive planning and understanding how to use Decompression software such as V planner. Once we had planned our simulated decompression dive we then moved on to Mgarr ix-xini which is a beautiful cove with the perfect entry for our first dive. We  set out to find a nice flat bottom to practice some of the drills that are required as a technical diver. The skills ranged from Stage cylinder removal, Long hose gas sharing, Stage Recovery, Regulator free flow drills and maintaining stop depth on a simulated dive amongst many others. We concluded the dive by ascending using a reel and DSMB while learning how to deal with a spilled lift bag. This was to be the foundation for the rest of the week. We then removed our stage cylinders and heading for a coffee while looking over the beautiful bay.  As this was the first day of which we had spent the first part of it kit fiddling we only had time for one dive so it was off to the pub for a well earned beer back in Marsalforne Bay.

The rest of the week saw us take in the amazing dive sites of Gozo such as The Karwela, Ras II Hobz (Middle Finger), Reqqa, Double Arch and the Inland Sea. These were the perfect places to practice many more skills along with perfecting buoyancy as we were now diving with two stage cylinders to aid our final extended  dives which took a little more work.

As the week went on I could see how much everyone had improved.  It is probably worth mentioning that all the above divers were very good PADI Instructors at Reefers and Wreckers  who in recreational kit have extremely good buoyancy.  Throughout the week they had to work very hard to achieve a good position in the water and eventually they were all looking like well accomplished technical divers. I now have a few more grey hairs !

The evenings were spent eating lots of food and having one or two beers while having a good old natter about the days diving.  It was then off to bed, usually quite early as they were all exhausted, to prepare for the next days diving. The week went extremely well and it couldn’t have been spent with a nicer group of people.

We were all made extremely welcome by Stephania and Brain from Atlantis Diving Centre on Gozo where we had full use of their facilities and was a great place to obtain all our deco gas fills along with lots of air for the twinsets. Watch the video to see how much fun they had.


My Thoughts

When I learnt to technical dive,  the reason I wanted to do so was to improve my diving skills  along with increasing my understanding of another side of diving. I like to explain to my students that technical diving is not all about going deep, its about increasing your skill set and your attitude towards diving. All to often you hear people say they just want to go deeper, these people scare me. Technical diving should be about safety  and slowly increasing your limits with more experienced divers to help you along your way. Good technical divers are the ones who stay safe and understand that it is just as important to have the right attitude along with the skills and precise buoyancy which is required in this extreme sport.

My only  hope is that I succeed in passing this attitude on to all of my students and they have some very exciting but safe diving.

See what they thought ….

Neil Conlon
Just a quick note to say thanks for all your time and effort (and patience! ) on the TEC courses (40 , 45 and 50)
I found the course academically and physically challenging.
The reward is the confidence skills and knowledge you have given me to dive to greater depths safely. This has opened up a whole new world.
Downwards and Onwards!


Joanne Bacon
Having recently qualified as a Tec 40,45 and 50 diver with Mick Turner as my instructor.
Must say it was at times testing and challenging, but over all a really amazing experience.
It has certainly taken my diving to a new level-Deeper, longer dives along with being able to plan and execute deco dives with gas changes at depths.
The dec 45 and 50 was completed on the island of Gozo off Malta with Neil, Tilly, Ralph and Sally as Tec DM. We stayed in a lovely sea front apartment 5 mins from Atlantis Dive Centre and not far from the dive sites.
Couldn’t have done this without the help and support of the guys around me. The kit can be heavy and cumbersome, but always having buddies and working as a team over came these problems.
I would like to thank Mick for his patience and support through out these courses. His instruction was clear and precise with lots of encouragement.
If you are looking for a new challenge this is defiantly the route to take I can highly recommend these  courses.  Xxxxx


Ian Tillotson
I decided to challenge myself and have a go at technical diving after a trip to Scapa Flow the other year that highlighted to me the limitations of ordinary scuba equipment and procedures. As a result I signed up to the Tec40 course and loved it!! Since then I have been to Malta and Gozo to complete the Tec45 and Tec50 courses. I thoroughly enjoyed the courses; I learnt so much, not just about technical diving, but diving in general. The quality of teaching from Mick was excellent, and the patience he had was fantastic! I would highly recommend this course to anybody wanting to challenge themselves and take their diving further.


Ralph Bacon
Having completed the Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50 courses, they have opened up for me a different way to dive. Not only deeper, but also longer, to allow me the time to spend looking at my favourite wreck sites. These courses have also changed the way in which I look at diving both professionally as a Padi Staff Instructor and also as a recreational fun diver, giving me the knowledge, understanding and realisation that I can do more than I ever thought I could, just by simply taking further education in these excellent and well run courses. Mick Turner made the courses enjoyable and fun, but ensuring that each element of the courses were understood. I would recommend them to anyone looking to expand their experiences, knowledge and enjoyment of the sport we all love.