PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors


Reefers and Wreckers have kept up our 100% Instructor examination pass rate with Ian Tillotson and Peter Dunn successfully completing the PADI Instructor examinations in Malta.

The pair enrolled in the PADI Instructor Development course at Reefers and Wreckers under the guidance of Course Director Colin Scowcroft. Over the course of three weekends they learnt the fundamentals of being a PADI Instructor and fine tuned their skill demonstrations, Knowledge Review presentations, Confined and Open Water teaching presentations along with showing mastery in diving knowledge by completing and passing with excellent marks the diving theory and standards exams.  A full report on the IDC can be found in our Scuba blog. 

Once they had completed the Instructor development course they were then invited to attend a PADI Instructor Examination in Malta. Over the course of the next two days they were asseesed by PADI Instructor Examiner  Chris Heitkemper from Germany.  The first day consisted of a the Examination Orientation where they were put at ease by the relaxed environment created by Chris Heitkemper who then went on to explain the logistics of the next two days. They were then given their Candidate assignment sheets where they could finally see, after weeks of worrying, the teaching presentations that they would be assessed on.

The first assessments were Confined water  in the Maltese National pool at the Ta` Qali National Stadium were they were asked to demonstrate the 5 skills from their candidate worksheet with each skill being scored out of 5 . They were both successful and scored very well as a result of their dedication to perfection of the skills.

Next was the confined water teaching presentations were they were again scored out of 5. The assesment was  on their ability to give an inwater Skill briefing, demonstration of the skill, Correcting any mistakes assigned to the other candidates by the examiner and their inwater control of students and divemaster. After the skill was completed they then surfaced to debrief their students where they were marked on the ability to provide positive reenforcement, Problems spotted and solutions to them, providing the correct objective for the skill and the value for doing so.  The session was concluded with smiles and hi fives all round.  A sigh of relief could be heard all around the stadium.

It was then back to the Victoria Hotel in Silema for them to sit their Diving theory along with the Standards and Procedures exam.  They had one and a half hours to complete the theory section, a quick toilet break followed by the Standards and Procedures exam to be completed in the same amount of time.  To pass the exams a minimum score of 75% was needed.  Yet again they were both successful and you could  see them both starting to enjoy the process.

Next up were  the Knowledge development  presentations where they were assesed on how well they could prepare  a teaching presentation. This involved using different teaching aids to create a visual image for students who had misunderstood a particular question. They started by telling a non diving story to gain students attention which was then followed up with a Key point for discussion along with a value of  how it could be applied in a diving situation and when it would be used both in the course and later on when they go diving.    Then they got into the body of the presentation where they covered the objectives and again related it to diving situations to enable the students to picture why the information is important. The ownership  of personal dive equipment was also promoted as being very useful to the particular topic which again enabled students create a visual image . The presentation was also assessed on how well they interacted with students, the use of PADI prescriptive lesson guides and other training aids.  Tilly and Pete were again both sucessful and acheived high passing scores.

This concluded the first day which had started at 7am and finished around 7pm by which point they were both ready for a well earned beer before they headed off back to their hotels to prepare for day two. A fantastic achievement so far and with each module you could see them start to relax a little more.

Day two was to be conducted at Ċirkewwa, Malta which is famous for a wreck called the P29 . The day started with another dive site briefing by Chris Heitkemper where he explained how the day would run.

The first part was rescue demonstration assessments where they had to perform a role model rescue on a simulated unresponsive diver. A slow and exaggerated demonstration was required to achieve a passing score.  While this was being performed half of the group were underwater teaching their Open Water teaching Skill so Tilly and Pete were next up for the Open Water Presentations.

The Final part of the IE was the Open Water presentation which involved them being assessed on how to teach a skill in Open Water.  This operated pretty much the same way as the confined skill but with a greater emphasis on Control and organisation. They were also not required to demonstrate the skill but  this time had  to teach two skills as part of the same presentation. Once the underwater skill was completed it was then time to come back to shore and give a final debrief of the skill, again with the emphasis on a timely and fluid briefing.

The open water Presentations could not have gone any better and again as a result of all their hard work both Ian Tillotson and Peter Dunn received the highest mark they could have achieved and gained two 5’s. An excellent achievement. Now they could relax and enjoy what they had just accomplished while waiting for the final presentation for Chris Heitkemper.

The group were gathered together and presented with their certificates of completion along with rapturous applause and many throats with lumps in.

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate both Ian Tillotson and Peter Dunn on the amazing achievement of becoming PADI Instructors.

The lads put an amazing amount of work into the course but they also had some help getting there and i would like to thank Course Director Colin Scowcroft for his patience and expertise which most definitely contributed to their fantastic scores. Also the team of Staff Instructors at Reefers and Wreckers who as ever gave everything to making sure the lads were more than prepared to attended the IDC. I would especially like to thank Ralph Bacon, Huw David, Sally Turner, Zoe Hall and Mick Randle who were a great influence on the very nervous but well prepared candidates.

Have you thought of being PADI Instructor ?  Reefers and Wreckers pride ourselves on our dedication to students and Instructor candidates while making it a fun environment to teach in. Contact us if you fancy the challenge by clicking on this link…..  GoPro at Reefers and Wreckers