The Kingston at The Red Sea Wreck ProjectA

A typical Iron Screw Steamer with Brigantine Rig (This is not the “Kingston”)

The Kingston was an “iron screw steamer” of 1,436 or 1,448 GRT built at Oswald Shipbuilding, Pallion, Sunderland. She was launched 16 February 1871 with a length of 78 meters, 10 meters in beam, and 6 meters in draught.

In the diving world of the Red Sea, this ship was known as the Sara H for a long time before she was positively identified as being the wreck of the Kingston (The name Sarah H being the name of a local divemaster many years ago).
The wreck now lies completely upright at the base of Shag Rock with the stern at approximately 17 meters and leading up to the bow area at around 5-10 meters.
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