Apeks XL4 regulator

New from Apeks, the XL4 regulator is designed with the cold-water exploration diver in mind.

Apeks XL4 3

Weighing in at a tiny 905g (DIN version), the XL4 is our lightest ever cold-water regulator. Light on weight doesn’t mean light on features though. This compact regulator includes our latest cold-water innovation, an over-moulded first stage endcap that reduces ice build-up around the first stage. This technology greatly reduces the risk of a free flow in low temperatures. Cold water performance is further improved by heat exchangers on the first and second stage.

Apeks XL4 5



Apeks XL4 6

Apeks XL4 4Ideal for technical divers looking to reduce the weight of their setup, the XL4 can also be used as a neat and compact regulator for stage cylinders, perfect for the technical exploration diver with a large amount of equipment.

The XL4 is a high-performance option for divers serious about weight savings.

Download the full product data sheet here.


XL4 Regulator DIN – £339.00

XL4 Stage 3 DIN – RRP £479.00

XL4 Stage 4 DIN – RRP £540.00

XL4 Nitrox DIN – RRP £363

XL4 Nitrox M26 – £363.00

These can be ordered NOW by emailing the dive centre.

Apeks Xl4