Product Description

Scuba Capsule 6


New product

Scuba Capsule® features user-friendly interface with all dive critical information clearly visible on one screen. The multi mode functionality will turn your iPhone® into the most versatile underwater device ever created. Designed in Florida. Made in Germany.


Dimensions [mm] 180 x 96 x 22
Weight 0.6Kg
Materials 6061 Aluminum



Ultimate Diving Device

Scuba Capsule housing is made of anodized 6000 series aluminum – the same material used in areospace and marine industries, as well as in Apple notebooks. Machined with the highest level of precision the housing guarantees the best 100% pressure sealed protection to the extreeme depths in the harsh salt water environment. The dive modes, such as camera with heads-up display, underwater multimedia, as well as custom apps and add-ons are designed to enhance your scuba diving experience, eliminating the same time a need to carry multiple different devices. What’s included:

  • Scuba Capsule 6 device
  • Fitting frames for: iPhone 6, 6S
  • Depth rating certificate: 150M / 500ft
  • Quick start guide

Scuba Capsule dive mode diagram

Scuba Capsule dive mode diagram

  Key Features:

  • 150M / 500ft depth rating
  • Intuitive touch sensor controls
  • Air, Nitrox, and Trimix dive computer
  • Multiple deco algorithms
  • All-in-one screen design with Head’s-Up-Display in camera mode
  • Air-integrated (supports Suunto transmitters)
  • Music and video player
  • Dive site maps
  • Depth profile saved on photos and videos
  • Comprehensive Dive Log
  • Repetitive Dive Planner (multi-level, and multi-gas tool)
  • Nitrox Calculator
  • Variety of apps and add-ons