The Finn Light Strong 3000 is a top of the line light from Finn Sub! Intended for the most demanding divers, this dive light gives you amazing performance for deeper and longer dives. 3000 lumens for 3 hours or 1500 lumens for 6 hours.


·      3 high efficiency LED Cree XM-L

·      luminous flux 3000 lm

·      10° focus beam

·      optimized beam for effective signaling

·      3 modes of operation – 3000 lm / 1500 lm / 300 lm

·      Li-Ion accumulator

·      running time – 5 h on full power (3000 lm), 10 h in 1500 lm, 50 h in 300 lm

·      discharging and overcharging protection

·      resistant aluminium alloy body

·      borosilicate glass

·      anatomic Goodman handle

·      operational depth up to -200 m (655 ft)

·      weight on surface 2670 g (95 oz) – including handle and canister holder

·      weight under water 880 g (32 oz)


Source of light

The Finn Light 3000 series use three LED diodes Cree XM-L to provide you with 3000 lm. Guaranteeing 10, 000 hours of consistent 6300 K cold white light. The shape of the beam is optimized with the light concentration at a 10˚ angle to give you exceptionally effective optics. Effective signaling to your partner is ensured with the spot of light.


The incorporated electronics in this dive light are tried, tested and proved. The user has a choice of modes for their dive: 3000 lm full performance will give you a running time of 5 hours. 1500 lm half performance will give you a running time of 10 hours. 300 lm safety mode will give you a running time of up to 50 hours and can be used at the surface to prepare gear or even explore dry caves. The lamp modes are manipulated by turning the magnetic rings on the head. The first turn in any direction will power the torch up to 300 lm. The next turn in a clockwise direction will power up to 1500 lm. The third and final turn in the clockwise direction will give you full power 3000 lm. To power down, simply follow the same process in the anti-clockwise direction. This dive torch is also protected against heat related damage or damage from accidental switching on with the overheating protection feature.

Li-Ion technology

The best suitable power source for the LEDs is Li-Ion batteries. The intuitive electronics in the Strong 3000 protect the batteries from deep discharge and also from overcharging. Due to the batteries having no memory effect, they can be left to charge over night.

Material and construction

Switching is now much easier with the new head construction. The need to search for small buttons in the dark has been eliminated. Simply twist the magnetic rings on the head. The magnetic rings will shift to defined positions when you switch between modes. This lamp is intended for extreme conditions with the combination of delrin and aluminum alloy coated with hard eloxal.

Safety first

Finn Sub take safety seriously! All Finn Lights comply with the qualifications of European Standards and posses all of the important CE Certificates.