The Finn Light Short 750 is a primary cordless diving light with the capable capacity to achieve three dives before recharging. This is a “for all” dive light. Resistant to salt water and abrasion with a hard Elox surface. Changeable colour rings to provide you with a better fit and stylish look included! 

·      Multi-chip LED technology

·      Consists of a head and a container with batteries

·      750 lumen of luminous flux

·      Resistant aluminum alloy body

·      Hard eloxal coating

·      Borosilicate glass

·      Fixed light angle 6°

·      Cold white light 5 000 – 10 000 K

·      Li-Ion batteries

·      Light switching by revolving its head

·      3 hours of full performance

·      Operational depth up to 200 m (655 ft.)

·      Anatomic Goodman handle

·      4 changeable colored silicon rings on head for better manipulation

·      Weight on surface 656 g (23 oz.)- Including handle

·      Weight under water 240 g (8,5 oz.)


Source of light

FinnSub use LED’s, which are the most effective source of light. The revolutionary multi-chip LED with luminous flux 750 lm will provide you with 10, 000 hours of permanent usage of cold white light.


The casing for the Finn Light 750 is made using heat-treated aluminum alloy which is corrosion and salt water resistant. Very durable and resistant to abrasion, the surface is anodized with a hard eloxal coating.

Li-Ion technology

Li-Ion batteries are the perfect source of power for the LED source of light. Stable light output (700 mA) is ensured by FinnSub advanced electronics, also protecting the batteries against deep discharge and overcharge. The light will run at full intensity for 3 hours and then will gradually lose intensity.

Goodman handle

Convenient manipulation is made possible by FinnSubs’ unique design. Keeping its character in even the extreme temperatures with the use of Delrin®.

Safety first

FinnSub don’t cut corners with safety. Their lights possess all-important CE certificates and comply with the qualifications of European Standards.