The Finn Light Short 3000 allows for cordless operation with 3000 lumens in a perfectly machined package. Trying its best to give you that unforgettable dive with one hour of light. You can achieve two hours of light in half power (1500 lumens), which still outclasses most other canister lights. A bright light is given off at 300 lumens and this mode can be used at the surface. So you’re free to enjoy the cordless short light and all it’s special features!

·      3 high efficiency LED Cree XM-L

·      luminous flux 3000 lm

·      10° focus beam

·      optimized beam for effective signaling

·      3 modes of operation – 3000 lm / 1500 lm / 300 lm

·      Li-Ion accumulator

·      running time – 1 h on full power (3000 lm), 2 h in 1500 lm, 12 h in 300 lm

·      discharging and overcharging protection

·      resistant aluminium alloy body

·      borosilicate glass

·      anatomic Goodman handle

·      operational depth up to -200 m (655 ft)

·      weight on surface 760 g (28 oz) – including handle

·      weight under water 255 g (10 oz)


Source of light

The Finn Light 300 series uses three powered LED diodes Cree XM-L providing 3000 lm. Guaranteeing 10, 000 hours of continuous 6300 K cold white light. The shape of the beam is optimized with the light concentration at a 10˚ angle to give you exceptionally effective optics. Effective signaling to your partner is ensured with the spot of light.


The electronics inside are tried, tested and proved. You can choose the operation mode for your dive from: 3000 lm full performance, giving you a running time of 1 hour. 1500 lm half power, giving you a running time of 2 hours. 300 lm safety mode to give you a running time of 12 hours and to allow for use at the surface to prepare gear or explore dry caves. The magnetic ring on the head is used to manipulate the torch. The light will be switched on to 300 lm on the first turn (any direction). The next clockwise turn will switch the light to 1500 lm. The third clockwise turn will switch the light to 3000 lm. Simply turn the magnetic ring in an anticlockwise direction to achieve the reverse procedure.

The torch is protected against damage and accidental switch on out of the water with the overheating protection feature.

Li-Ion technology

The ideal source of energy for the LED’s is Li-Ion batteries. The intuitive electronics that are incorporated protect this dive light from deep discharge and also from overcharging. The batteries have no memory effect, meaning you can leave them to charge overnight.

Material and construction

Switching is now made easier with the new head construction. Eliminating the need to search for the small power buttons in the dark! The magnetic ring will shift into defined positions when changing light modes. This dive light is intended for use in extreme conditions, with the aluminum alloy coated in hard eloxal.  

Safety first

Finn Sub don’t cut corners with safety! All Finn Lights comply with the qualifications of European Standards and they all posses all of the important CE Certificates.