The Finn Light Long 1400 Smart is a versatile state-of-the-art diving light that provides unlimited possibilities for ever diver! The Smart Electronics gives you 3 operating modes as well as a battery capacity alert.

·      3x high efficiency single LED

·      1400 lm

·      10° focus beam

·      Clear spot for effective signaling

·      Smart electronics

·      3 modes of operation – 1400lm / 700 lm / 100 lm

·      Li-Ion accumulator

·      Accumulator capacity check on start up

·      Running time – 5 h on full power (1400 lm), 9h in 700 lm, 48 h in 100 lm

·      Low accumulator capacity alert

·      Discharging and overcharging protection

·      Resistant aluminum alloy body

·      Borosilicate glass

·      Anatomic Goodman handle

·      Operational depth up to -200 m (655 ft.)

·      Weight on surface 1290 g (45,5 oz.) – including handle and canister holder

·      Weight under water 535 g (19,5 oz.)


Source of light

The most effective source of light is LED. Cree XP-G providing 1400 lm is used for the Smart three powered LED diodes. Shining for 10, 000 hours with continuous 6300 K cold white light. This device is 43 times stronger due to its exceptionally effective optics that concentrate the light in a 10˚ beam where it is at it’s strongest.


The innovative features are brought to the user via the incorporated Smart Electronics. Upon start-up, the dive lamp will pass the battery test to give you information about the accumulator capacity. With this information the user can then decide which mode to use for the dive. 1400 lm full intensity will run for 5 hours. 700 lm half intensity will run for 9 hours. 100 lm safety mode will run for up to 48 hours and this mode allows you to use the light at the surface as well. This device comes with overheating protection to protect the damage against heat related damage and prevent accidental powering on out of the water. The lamp can be manipulated by twisting the magnetic ring on the head.

Li-Ion technology

Li-Ion batteries are the perfect source of energy to suite LED’s. The innovative electronics in this camera protect the device from overcharging and deep discharging. Meaning you can leave the light on charge over night.

Material and construction

Switching is now easier! Instead of having to look for small buttons in the dark, you can now simply turn the magnetic ring in any direction to power the light up. This dive light is intended for use in extreme conditions with the use of heavy-duty Aluminum Alloy and Delrin® covered in a hard eloxal coating.

Safety first

All Finn Lights comply with the qualifications of European Standards and posses all the important CE Certificates. 

*Sidemount Version Available – with a 90˚ angled hose.