The Finn Light Long 1400 is a canister light with the extended capacity to better meet the demands of cave and technical diving. This dive light features the unique 3D technology of light beam to allow you to see objects in 3D! The perfect companion for inside caves and wrecks with support for your underwater orientation.

·      3 high efficiency single LEDs

·      1400 lumen of luminous flux

·      3D technology of light beam spread – perfect for wreck and cave diving

·      10° beam – ideal for UW photo and video

·      Clear spot for signalization

·      Resistant aluminum alloy body

·      Hard eloxal coating

·      Borosilicate glass

·      Cold white light 5 000 – 8 300 K

·      Li-Ion batteries

·      Light switching by revolving its head

·      5 hours of full performance

·      Operational depth up to 200 m (655 ft.)

·      Black silicon ring on head for easier manipulation with head

·      Anatomic Goodman handle and canister holder

·      Weight on surface 1305 g (46 oz.) – including handle and canister holder

·      Weight under water 540 g (19 oz.)


Source of light

The most effective source of light is LED, which is why Finn Lights use 3 single LED’s with a luminous flux of 1400 lm to provide you with 10, 000 hours of continuous cold white light. This dive light allows you to see objects in 3D using the unique 3D light beam technology, especially ideal inside caves and wrecks. Underwater photographers and videographers benefit particularly from this diffused beam of light. 


This casing for this dive torch is made of heat-treated aluminum allow and is resistant to salt water and corrosion. Also very durable and resistant to abrasion with the surface being anodized with a hard eloxal coating.

Li-Ion technology

Li-Ion batteries are best suited to the LED light source. Ensuring a stable light output of 700 mA with FinnSubs’ advanced electronics, which also protect the batteries against overcharging and deep discharge. The light from this dive torch will run on full intensity for 5 hours before the intensity gradually starts to die down.

Goodman handle

This unique design gives you convenient manipulation. Keeping its characteristics in even the extremes of temperatures due to the Delrin® element. The canister holder also has the same design.

Safety first

Safety is never a second thought. All Finn Lights comply with the qualifications of European Standards and also posses all of the important CE Certificates.