Product Description

When Apeks first decided to make the lightest of regulators they started with a blank canvas and looked at every aspect, from materials to shape, form and functionality. Their expertise and the vast archive of knowledge they have built up over the years making the finest regulators has produced Flight. 

Apeks is known throughout the world for dive equipment of quality, craftsmanship and durability. Due to innovative design and the use of advanced materials, Flight regulators meet their high standards. They are tough, reliable and strong enough to cope with the demands and rigours of travelling. They are the most compact Apeks regulators ever made – small yet fully loaded with high performance and comfort.

Flight has been designed primarily for the travel diver. If you plan to dive mainly in colder waters below 10°C then we would recommend the Apeks XTX range which has been specifically designed for more extreme cold water diving. Flight comes into its own and excels as the perfect travel companion. As the lightest regulator in the world and the most compact regulator Apeks has ever made it is perfect for those exotic dive destinations. But using insulation techniques and advanced materials, Flight is also suitable for diving in waters as cold as 10°C. The area where a normal regulator 2nd stage freezes is protected and insulated which reduces the freezing effect and this helps prevent freeflows. 

Apeks Flight is lighter than any other comparable regulator made by any other manufacturer in the world. The Apeks Design and Engineering Team have produced this revolutionary regulator using advanced composite materials selected for their optimum strength to weight ratio.

Components in the 2nd stage are made from reinforced material specifically developed for the manufacture of technical components. It is strong, not affected by water or extreme ranges of temperature, has good dimensional stability, an excellent resistance to chemicals and does not deform. The perfect material for regulator parts. This Hi-Tech material is also used in “under-bonnet” components at the cutting edge of the motor industry due to its proven strength and resilience actually replacing many steel and brass parts.

Ease of use

Apeks has spent many years creating equipment divers will enjoy and also find easy to use. Flight uses much of this experience in its operation such as the balanced mechanisms of the 1st and 2nd stages, the venturi operation, the facility for technician fine tuning, and more. In addition Flight’s large purge is very easy to locate and made from a soft-touch but durable material. The purge is exceptionally stable as it is unaffected by temperature variation due to its innovative and unique design. As with other Apeks regulators Flight is very cost effective to maintain due to the efficiency of assembly and disassembly and the easily accessible components. This reduces the complication and time it actually takes to service and lessens the number of parts necessary for servicing which reduces maintenance costs. As a key bonus this efficiency of design is also very good for the environment.

Breathe performance

Apeks Flight offers a silky smooth easy breathe, enhancing the pleasure of your dive. It was never intended that Flight replace their world beating XTX regulators favoured by many professional and serious sport divers all over the world. Flight is a mid-range regulator ideal for transportation and travel to meet most divers’ needs. For the compact size of this regulator the breathe performance is exceptional.

Flight – tested beyond limits

Over one million breathing cycles prove its robustness and reliability. Rigorous and thorough impact tests have proven Flight beyond the limits any divers would ever experience. Extensive fatigue testing has been carried out to prove Flight’s capability.