PADI Open Water Diver

The PADI Openwater Diver course teaches you the basics of Scuba Diving and upon certification enables you to sample the delights of the underwater world in almost any country around the world. The amount of time required to complete the course is based on class size, student aptitude, logistical considerations and student performance. The course consists of 16 sessions (6 classroom, 6 confined water and 4 openwater dives)


Academic (Classroom)

The classroom sessions consist of five lessons each lasting a period of approximately 1-2 hours.


Confined Water (pool)

The confined water sessions consist of five sessions in a swimming pool. We recommend the wearing of a T-shirt in the pool to prevent the equipment causing discomfort. Here you will learn the necessary skills to be able to go into the Open Water. Students are expected to have their own mask and snorkel for personal hygiene and comfort.


Openwater Dives

This is where you will put the classroom and the pool training into practice. The openwater sessions consist of one surface session and four dives in the sea or fresh water site.


Course Schedule Options:

Weekly Classes 1 or 2 Nights a Week – £340

The average class size consists of two to eight students for the classroom sessions and four to six students for the pool and openwater dives can be scheduled at any time to suit you. You may also choose to do the dives on Holiday (See referrals).



Openwater Crew Pack
All Scuba equipment except mask, fins and snorkel.

Course Dates

Please contact the shop for a list of course start dates.


Course Standards

The purpose of the Openwater Diver Course is to provide you the student with the elemental knowledge and skills to safely gain experience in the diving environment and ultimately to dive independently. The course is performance based and is designed to take you through from simple to more complex diving objectives, such as entering the water to achieving neutral buoyancy. Initial openwater training is based on mastering skills and gaining diving experience at gradually increasing depths.

Any diver who is certified to Openwater level must understand that they are qualified to:

•    Apply the knowledge and skills they are taught during the Openwater course.
•    Procure air, equipment and other services
•    Engage in recreational diving without supervision
•    Plan, conduct and log openwater dives
•    Participate in the PADI Advanced Course as well as various Specialty Courses



To qualify for the Openwater Diver training an individual must:

•    Be 10 years of age or older
•    Procure air, equipment and other services
•    Have signed the PADI Liability Release
•    Completed the Medical History form

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