The PADI Advanced Openwater program provides you the novice diver with a structured, well-supervised means to gain additional experience and improve your diving skills. The PADI Advanced training is vital to the success of any PADI Continuing Education Program. There are no classroom sessions associated with the course and various underwater tasks performed on the dives broaden your awareness of the environment and your capabilities as a diver.


Advanced Openwater Diver

The PADI Advanced Openwater Diver denotes successful completion of five openwater training dives, two are core (required) dives and three are elective dives (instructor or student choice), and completion of knowledge reviews.


Advanced Course

•    2 Core dives
•    3 Elective dives

The dives may be completed in any order, however each elective dive can only be counted as one dive. Any dives completed on the Advanced program may be credited towards speciality courses to which they relate.


•  Crew Pack


•    Equipment (equipment can be hired at preferential rates for the course)
•    Transport
•    Boat Charter
•    Film and Processing

Course Schedule

Please contact the shop for further details on the schedule.


To qualify for the Advanced Openwater training, an individual must:

•    Be certified as a PADI Openwater Diver or equivalent
•    Be 12 years of age or older

The Advanced course is designed to allow participants to experience various speciality diving areas under the supervision of the Instructor.


Core Dives:

•    Underwater Navigation Dive
•    Deep Dive

Elective Dives

•    Night Dive

•    Boat Dive
•    Drift Dive
•    Drysuit Dive
•    Multi-Level Dive
•    Peak Performance Buoyancy
•    Search and Recovery Dive
•    Underwater Naturalist Dive
•    Underwater Photography Dive
•    Underwater Videography Dive
•    Wreck Dive


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