Scuba Diving in Loch Fyne

18th & 19th September 2014

Cost £50 for accommodation but not including transport or diving equipment.


Scuba Diving In Loch Fyne

The sheltered waters of Loch Fyne mean there are usually good diving conditions and vis all year round.

While in Loch Fyne you can choose the type of diving that you would like to do. You could contact one of the local dive charters and go out on a boat for a day or you could opt to shore dive and take in some of the beautiful scenery in and around the loch. Air fills can be arranged through Loch Fyne Divers. 

Diving is possible all the year round due to the long and sheltered nature of the loch, which is actually a part of an ancient fault line which carries on into the Scottish Highlands. The shores of the loch on the east are in the most part steep sloping, with a fine mud and sandy substrate; the western shores are more steeply sloping and in many cases there is a vertical cliff at the shore line which drops dramatically to more than 20m.

Basking sharks frequent the lower stretches of the loch from June to August each year, but the chance of actually diving with one of these gentle giants is extremely remote.


Once the days diving has finished we can all relax at the Stronachullin Lodge in Ardrishaig, Lochgilphead. This old shooting lodge is split into 3 separate houses sleeping up to 21 people or more if you don`t mind a blow up bed.  The lounge in the `Old Kitchen’ and ‘Piping Wing’ have open log fires where you can relax with a drink and chat about your days diving.

Getting there

It usually takes around 4 1/2 – 5 hours to travel Lochgilphead which is best done on a Friday afternoon and then you are ready to dive on Saturday morning.  Car sharing is usually an option which can be arranged if you contact the other divers going up. Our facebook page is usually the best way to do this.