Divemaster Trainee

PADI Rescue Diver Wendy Waring









When and where was your first dive ?

My first dive as a qualified Open Water diver, was at Capernwray.  My logbook states “ First dive with family, Alex full of a cold & didn’t dive. Jake got in but was too cold. So Nick & I dived on our own!! Great, down to the plane & high fived, didn’t think this could have happened!”

What  made you want to become a professional diver ?

Wanting to become a professional diver seemed the natural & logical step after completing the Master Scuba Diver with my husband & sons. So far, I am thoroughly enjoying the Dive Master course.

Favourite type of diving ?

Wetsuit please, preferably off the back of a liveaboard in glorious sunshine.

Best Dive ?

Best dive was my scariest, it was my 9th dive. Doing my first night dive, out on the Great Barrier Reef, having to jump into about a dozen Reef sharks, but once I started to descend, the majesty and elegance of these amazing creatures left me awestruck. So looking forward to Project Shark on Blue O Two later this year.

Dream diving destination ?

I really want to dive with Mantas, so my dream destination would probably be The Maldives

Favourite piece of dive equipment and why ?

My favourite piece of dive equipment is my computer. I love my Suunto D6i in white, it’s really bling to wear as a watch as well. Super cool.

Favourite marine life ?

Favourite marine life has to be the seals in the Farne Islands. They are so inquisitive and curious of us strange creatures in their world, it’s very easy to forget that they are a top marine predator when they are playing with you.

If you could choose any buddy who would it be ?

I would always chose to dive with my husband or my sons, as we are all very aware of each other’s capabilities and look out for each other. You can’t beat diving as a family unit.

What is your next diving goal ?

My next diving goal is to complete my Dive Master course and hopefully complete My DSD Leader.

Best water related joke ?

How To fail your open water test

Tell your instructor you will race him to the surface.

Loudly proclaim that safety stops are for “wussies”.

Spit in your wetsuit and pee in your mask.

Ask your instructor, which fin goes on which foot.

Tell your instructor there is no way you can lift a cylinder with 2,000 pounds of air in it.

When asked for your dive plan, you hand over a bundle of travel brochures.



Master Scuba Diver 05 August 2014
Deep 31 July 2014
Sidemount 22 June 2014
SMB DIVER 04 May 2014
Underwater Navigator 03 May 2014
Enriched Air Diver 19 December 2013
Rescue Diver 28 July 2013
EFR – Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st) w/ AED 22 June 2013
Advanced Open Water 04 April 2012
Open Water 18 September 2011
Discover Scuba Diving 04 August 2011


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