Assistant Instructor

When and where was your first dive ?

I did my open water dives in Fuerteventura June 2012

What made you want to become a professional diver ?

I want to pass on my experience and enthusiasm to anyone interested in diving and help people to fulfil their dreams of diving.

Favourite type of diving ?

Any- literally! I would dive in a puddle if it was deep enough!

Best Dive ?

Jackson Reef – Red Sea November 2012 30m down in the blue surrounded by hammerheads, a moment I will never forget!

Dream diving destination ?

South Africa – hoping to go 2018

Favourite piece of dive equipment and why ?

My underwater camera, it’s nice to relive my dives and show my non diver friends and family an insite into what I get up to and how fantastic the underwater world is!

Favourite marine life ?

UK diving has to be seals, Worldwide sharks.

If you could choose any buddy who would it be ?

My daughter, she is doing her open water course next year.

What is your next diving goal ?

I really want to continue my Tec diving education and I hope to do my tec45 & tec50 later in the year.

Best water related joke ?

Statistically, you are more likely to be bitten by Luis Suarez than by a shark.

Professional Certifications

Assistant Instructor

Non Professional Certifications

Tec 40 20-Mar-16
Rescue Diver 08-Oct-13
Emergency Oxygen Provider 08-Oct-13
EFR – Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st) w/ AED 08-Oct-13
Wreck 01-Oct-12
Deep 01-Oct-12
Dry Suit 28-Sep-12
Project AWARE 27-Sep-12
Enriched Air Diver 20-Aug-12
Peak Performance Buoyancy 08-Aug-12
Advanced Open Water 08-Aug-12
Open Water 07-Jun-12