When and where was your first dive ?

My first Open Water dive was at Capernwray on 13th August 2013.

What made you want to become a professional diver ?

I know how vulnerable a new diver feels and how easy it is for a difficult dive or uncomfortable experience to adversely influence the decision to continue or progress. I was fortunately surrounded by people who encouraged, supported and reassured me to keep trying. I believe I can be one of those motivators and by becoming a dive professional I can positively influence new and returning divers.

Favourite type of diving ?

I love all types of recreational diving but a wreck holds a particular fascination for me.

Best Dive ?

So many great dives but the wreck of the SS Thistlegorm  was quite unbeatable. Face to face with a Hammerhead shark in the Red Sea was pretty special too.

Dream diving destination ?

Diving Truk Lagoon in the Pacific with an abundance of WW11 relics would certainly tick some boxes on my must do list.

Favourite piece of dive equipment and why ?

My favourite piece of dive equipment would be my log book, it’s great looking back over the dives and reminiscing.

Favourite marine life ?

I think the Sea Turtle will always captivate me, beautiful creatures.

If you could choose any buddy who would it be ?

I learnt to dive with my daughter and we have been regular diving buddies since. I wouldn’t mind tagging along on a dive with Jacques Cousteau if he was still with us.

What is your next diving goal ?

To become an experienced Dive Master.

Best water related joke ?

What do you call a fish without an eye? A fsh


Professional Certifications


Non Professional Certifications

Night Diver 04-Nov-15
Equipment Specialist 03-Oct-15
Master Scuba Diver 30-Jul-15
Drift 28-Jul-15
SMB DIVER 28-Jul-15
Wreck 30-May-15
Rescue Diver 11-Apr-15
EFR – Primary Care (CPR) & Sec Care (1st) w/ AED 14-Mar-15
Emergency Oxygen Provider 14-Mar-15
Deep 31-Jul-14
Advanced Open Water 04-May-14
Enriched Air Diver 12-Oct-13
Open Water 14-Aug-13
Discover Scuba Diving 06-Jun-13