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I have recently become a qualified Junior Open Water Diver and really enjoyed exploring the magic of underwater’s life and beauty. I will definitely dive again, hopefully discovering more skills and sights as I continue.
Rona Bhattacharya
Great course. Very professional. Would be happy to recommend Reefers and Wreckers
Having completed the Tec 40, Tec 45 and Tec 50 courses,
they have opened up for me a different way to dive.

Not only deeper, but also longer, to allow me the time to spend looking at my favourite wreck sites. These courses have also changed the way in which I look at diving both professionally as a Padi Staff Instructor and also as a recreational fun diver, giving me the knowledge, understanding and realisation that I can do more than I ever thought I could, just by simply taking further education in these excellent and well run courses.

Mick Turner made the courses enjoyable and fun, but ensuring that each element of the courses were understood. I would recommend them to anyone looking to expand their experiences, knowledge and enjoyment of the sport we all love.

Ralph Bacon
AI Course. Having qualified as a Divemaster and then a DSD leader last year I decided to take the first step to becoming an instructor.

I really enjoy my role as a Divemaster/DSD Leader particularly the excitement you get from helping people take their first step into the world of diving and I’ve found helping out with other courses, especially the Rescue Course, really good fun. With this in mind the AI Course, and then hopefully on to the IDC, seemed the logical next step to progress my own diving.

So far I’ve spent a couple of full days in the classroom, completed the open and confined water teaching presentations, and passed my Standards exam. The team at Reefers and Wreckers have helped me understand the skills and knowledge of diving that you have to have as a PADI Assistant Instructor – I’ll admit it’s hard going at times but the supply of biscuits, the enthusiasm of the guys involved and moving the classroom outside one day to enjoy the beautiful spring sunshine has made it all easier.

All the team at Reefers and Wreckers, led by Mick Turner, have been really supportive and generous with their knowledge and experience and I’ve definitely learnt a lot from the course already. I look forward to completing it and moving on to the next stage of the adventure.


I completed my sidemount course with Mick Turner and found it enjoyable, rewarding and, at times, challenging. I found it a really
fun and relaxing way to dive once I had got used to the feel of the kit and to the change in my buoyancy. The kit can be heavy and
cumbersome when you’re out of the water but having a good buddy and supportive team made it all a lot easier, it was also useful having time in the swimming pool to get used to it all before heading into open water.

Mick was very understanding and patient during the course particularly when I was getting frustrated at myself. He gave me the time to practice and develop the skills I needed to complete the course. Plus I had the added excitement of getting to try out the new Hollis SMS 75 harness – a really comfortable and smart-looking piece of kit. I’d definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting a new diving challenge.

It has not only introduced me to a new form of diving but I feel it will benefit my ‘normal’ diving a lot as well.

Rebecca Lock
Having been diving for almost 3 years my husband & I
decided to expand our knowledge and do the PADI Sidemount speciality.

It was quite a daunting prospect reading the information we had been
provided regarding the equipment, set up and use as we had never
really seen a sidemount set up and it didn’t make much sense.

On arrival at Reefers and Wreckers to do our knowledge reviews and
first pool session we were made very welcome. our instructor Michael
Turner was very thorough in going through the equipment &
configuration, what we had read soon made sense.

The pool session was a chance to get used to setting up & donning the
equipment in a safe environment. It was also a chance to practice some
of the skills required, Mick was very good at demonstrating all the
skills, what sounded completely baffling was soon shown to be quite

The open water dives took place at Capernwray. Once again, everything
was explained thoroughly & clearly, and very soon we’d set up our
equipment & were performing the required skills over the 3 dives. It
did take a while to get used to the configuration, but we have since
had another go at diving sidemount and are really enjoying the

Many thanks to Reefers & Wreckers, especially Michael Turner, for a
thoroughly enjoyable course, we shall recommend this to anyone who
fancies trying something different.

Wendy x

Wendy Waring
My name is Caleb and I’m 10, soon to be 11. I wanted to
learn scuba diving because I want to be a marine biologist when I am
older and scuba diving would be a good skill to have. I learnt to
scuba dive with Reefers and Wreckers, where I did the PADI Open Water
Course. My instructor was really good and easy to understand, her name
was Jo.

I loved the course and I got to learn other things that aren’t related
to diving. It is really fun to do but It’s complicated in parts. You
learn in little chunks which makes it easier. If you are stuck on
anything you can ask your instructor, or any one who’s with you. I did
my 4 open water dives at Capernwray, over one weekend, where I sat on
a horse and saw Thunderbird 4!

Diving is great!


Caleb Thornber
In August 2013 at the age of 65,only having swum in the sea once in my life after a snorkeling session in the sea around Gozo I contacted Mick Turner and asked if he took little old ladies on his courses.His answer was Yes we do,do you know any? What a smoothie!!
Anyway with wonderful training, loads of encouragement and just the occasional “Of course you can do it!!”(Or was it a quick kick up the air tank ?)I finally completed my Open water in July of this year which enabled me to visit my children in Gozo and dive in the real sea with real fish!! Just how wonderful is that?

If you are thinking of learning to scuba dive Reefers and Wreckers is the place to go. Whether you are young or ancient they will provide you with the right training that suits you. Thank you all you wonderful instructors.

Janet Myers